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Is This the Best Pub Roast in Auckland?

This is a fact. Sunday is not a proper Sunday unless you are chowing down on a Roast Meal. It doesn’t matter in the slightest what kind of roast it is, but as long as it is accompanied by all the trimmings then you’re all good. Here’s another fact. Roasts at home are a magnificent thing but as good as they are, it’s still not a proper Sunday roast unless you head down to your local whether for a Sunday lunch or dinner, grab yourself a beverage of your choice (we don’t discriminate) and treat yourself to their Roast of the Day. It is the ultimate pub meal – the Sunday Roast – and in Auckland we think we’ve got one for you which you’ll want to make a booking for.

For a Sunday roast lunch (or dinner) with a difference in the Auckland CBD, from our hidden gem location behind the Citylife Hotel on Durham Lane, our historic and modern interior makes our downstairs bar area a relaxing and comfortable space to whittle your Sunday hours away with. Bring a book, the weekend papers, or catch up on your social accounts. And then it arrives. This is the stuff Sunday Pub Roast dreams are made of. This is our take on the best pub roast Auckland.

At The Bluestone Room, we’ve been known for our classic and traditional take on the Roast but we’ve decided to take full advantage of our Head Chef’s heritage and culinary background. Starting from this Sunday, we’re giving Roast Chicken an exceptional makeover with a Bombay-Style Roast Chicken served with all the trimmings including a fresh mint chutney, spicy roasted vegetables, a roasted dahl stuffed Yorkshire Pudding and ladled with a rich masala and coriander gravy. And if you fancy an ale with your Sunday Pub Roast, then you’ll be glad to know that we reckon it is perfectly matched with a Pointers Pale Ale.

So find a Sunday on your calendar in the next few weeks, book a table and come enjoy what we know will be a Best Pub Roast Auckland classic and what we think will also represent a true destination dish in the Auckland food scene. You definitely won’t have had anything like it in any other pub, bar or restaurant in Auckland or NZ, and we couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy your Sunday.

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Best pub roast Auckland